The Free Agent List: 2011′s 50 Media Power Bachelorettes

A COMMON REACTION among those selected for The Observer’s 2011 Media Bachelorettes list? See here.

But there’s no need to be embarrassed. After all, as it’s been said, girls run the world. And in New York City’s media industry, they’ve certainly been killing it lately, as you’ll note from the list of media bachelorettes, which follow yesterday’s look at media’s bachelors.

Who’s on the list? Some men have wanted to take a guess. Some men have taken a guess. Some men have been noted as having been with no less than three of the women on the same list.

And yet, it does speak to a certain consistency: what these ladies are looking for are indeed a rare breed. Their power often precedes their looks (i.e. you’ve likely heard of them, read them, or felt their impact, long before you’ve seen them), their intellect is a style onto itself, to say nothing of the way they actually style themselves. Matching wits with them? Forget about it. More men have likely been shot down trying to pick up these women than were in the Pacific Theater, and with some of the more outgoing ones, more viciously, too. Be you man or fellow lady, fan or foe, whether you have unilateral praise for or pointed individual gripes with these women, one thing is certain: they are unarguably accomplished both in the office and outside of it, and we’re proud to have them on this list.

The criterion for making it? As it’s already been said: We have to think of you. We have to agree with the inclusion. And we have to hold you in a specific regard, the propriety formula for which—a sampling: sugar, spice, everything nice, rare earth, hybrid compound chemicals, and sheer cosmic force—will remain forever locked away deep in The Observer‘s grey file cabinet. And who knows? Maybe, one day, some of these Power Bachelorettes can join our Power Bachelors and together, make Media Power Couple magic.

Or, as you’ll soon see, not. But we can all be romantics for a slide or fifty, no?

Without further ado: Ladies? The floor is yours.

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