Mitt Romney’s Iowa Diet

While schmoozing around the Iowa State Fair today, Mitt Romney did more conspicuous eating-for-the-cameras than Calista Flockhart at a Yankees game.

Food is a great prop, right? Hand-held fair food is basically the opposite of national enemy arugula, and shoving it in one’s mouth buys some time before answering a question. It’s so charming it got us to blog about Mitt Romney!

So, what did the very hungry GOPillar eat his way through?

A pork chop on a stick.

A corn dog.

A hot dog.

He was, sadly, not seen eating deep fried butter. Not that he shouldn’t! Debating burns calories. Speaking of which, we’re going to go tune in. We’re third-wheeling Bill and Emma Keller’s date night.

f you two have a debate drinking game, tweet it!

Mitt Romney’s Iowa Diet