Moot’s Bromance With Andrew W.K. Continues to Pay Dividends

Rocker, motivational speaker and Twitter personality Andrew W.K. is a longtime friend of 4chan ever since the remixologists of /b/ meme-ified his song “Party Hard.” The rocker has appeared in live chats with 4channers and hit up the Williamsburg night life with 4chan founder Chris “Moot” Poole. Brand boosting all around! Now Mr. W.K. is venturing into Moot’s new site, the image editor-based forum

“The King of Partying himself will be joining us LIVE on August 10th at 4PM EST to remix images and collaborate with users in #partyhard, so mark your calendars!” says Canvas.

The King of Partying was no less effusive, via his official blog:

Creator of, Chris Poole, is a now legendary and infamous Internet wizard. He created the Internet’s biggest and most popular photo message board website, 4chan (millions and millions of views). is his new project and Chris has invited Andrew to debut his new platform and this event will be one of the first publicized events for the site.

Andrew and Chris have become friends over the last couple years, some of the classic 4chan memes have involved Andrew W.K. and his party hard ways. A few months ago, Chris and Andrew had a live chat on 4chan and got so many people on the site that it crashed! That had never happened before at 4chan.

“Party hard computer madness!” Mr. W.K. tweeted. Now if only he could get Moot and his fans out to the struggling Santos Party House.

Moot’s Bromance With Andrew W.K. Continues to Pay Dividends