Morning Links: Former Schwarzenegger Mistress Sues Gawker

Gawker’s retraction of their flubbed Arnold Schwarzenegger love child story wasn’t good enough for the former flight attendant Tammy Tousignant, whom it wrongly identified as the most recent employee/mistress/love child-bearer of Arnold Schwarzenegger. She’s filed a $40 million libel lawsuit against Gawker, National Enquirer, Daily Mail, and others, according to the OC Weekly.

“News crews and paparazzi converged on the Tousignants’ quiet Brea neighborhood,” says the lawsuit. “They were inundated with phone calls and messages. They were forced to flee their house and stay at another location. Tanner was followed. Their online accounts were hacked into. They were and continue to be the subject of scorn and scrutiny in their own community. Their reputations have been permanently damaged.”

The Hangover Part II, True Blood and Mortal Kombat 9, saved Time Warner, Jeff Bewkes told the The New York Times. On Wednesday the company, which owns Warner Brothers, Turner Broadcasting and Time Inc., reported a 10% increase in revenue this quarter, the highest growth since January.

At a party celebrating new Elle publisher Kevin O’Malley, David Carey updated WWD on the most important aspect of the Hearst-Hachette merger: seating arrangements.

“The real estate people are hard at work putting the puzzle together,” Carey said, insisting that floor selection won’t be political, with sexier titles on higher floors. “It may have been in the past when they had a brand new building,” he said. “In this case the floors get based on the least dislocation to the building. Now we’re thinking in terms of the path of least resistance because we don’t want to touch all 44 floors.”

Morgan Spurlock will launch a documentary series available only on Hulu beginning August 17, called “Day in the Life,” according to the The Wrap. The show follows famous people like Richard Branson and around for the day. Is this how Hulu plans on convincing us to pay for it? Morning Links: Former Schwarzenegger Mistress Sues Gawker