Morning Links: Re-civilizing Ourselves

Reuters reporter ambitiously covering Jersey Shore stars does not know what GTL stands for, notes The Huffington Post.

James Desborough, the latest News of the World reporter arrested, was sued by Brangelina for reporting they were breaking up, reports Reuters.

News of the World-contracted private investigator Glenn Mulcaire has a court order to reveal the names of the reporters/managers who ordered him to hack the phones of 6 public figures include Elle Macpherson this week, reports the Guardian. Mr. Mulcaire is also suing News International to keep paying his legal bills.

Jack Shafer thinks the Wall Street Journal needs to make some corrections to their editorial defending Les Hinton, who has since been revealed to have been sent a letter with details about illegal practices by Clive Goodman.

Nivea pulled an ad that ran in Esquire which suggested that black men “Re-civilize Themselves” by getting rid of their afros and beards, reports the Times. Why does it take a Twitter trending topic for media executives to notice egregious racism?

  Morning Links: Re-civilizing Ourselves