Morning Links: Zoe Saldana Remakes Avatar For Glamour

Glamour’s film school for actresses kicked off this month, putting Olivia Wilde, Zoe Saldana, and Eva Longoria behind the camera to adapt the magazine’s readers’ stories into short films, reports WWD. Zoe Saldana took it really seriously:

“I wanted to integrate what I love in filmmaking — motion — so I brought some of my colleagues from ‘Avatar,’ including my assistant director, my stunt team, animators and the guys who trained me for the role for help. It took three days to shoot, because even though it’s short, it was the first Glamour film with motion capture, stunts and special effects.”


Another management departure at The Daily Beast Newsweek company, reports Adweek. 30-year veteran Alan Bone has left Newsweek to help launch Bloomberg Businessweek’s Europe and Asia editions.

Former Page Six writer Jared Paul Stern told the LA Times there’s no way the Post was doing any shady hacking.

 “Their whole game is more sort of intimidating people or cozying up to people to get information,” Stern said the other day of gossip reporters at the Post. In more than a decade contributing to Page Six he said he never saw or heard of phones being improperly accessed. The only payments, minimal ones, went to public relations types who acted as virtual stringers for Page Six, Stern said.

More importantly, the national interest in tabloids has inspired him to revisit his abandoned memoir.

“The stuff going on now is breathing some new life into it, so I am reworking it,” Stern said of the book. “It definitely has a lot more relevance and appeal.”

LinkedIn backed away from a third party “social” advertising service that published users photos and activity on other sites, reports the Wall Street Journal. After blogs took notice and accused the company of invading users’ privacy, LinkedIn has decided they will no longer use photos. Users can opt out of the ads, though LinkedIn admitted the option was not adequately explained. Morning Links: Zoe Saldana Remakes Avatar For Glamour