Morning Links: Demand Media Will Buy Back Our Disdain for Them

Demand Media purchased IndieClick, which sells ads for the Village Voice and The Awl, for $14 M. The eHow publisher bought it because it tests well with the young, whose brainpower their sites exploit, a phenomenon most memorably described in My Summer on the Content Farm, on The Awl.

“With IndieClick we’re going to be a force in the 18-to-34 culturally relevant website group,” chief revenue officer Joanne Bradford told AdAge.

James Murdoch has until tomorrow to submit written replies to the allegations by former News of the World executives that he misled Parliament, reports Bloomberg.

With newsstand magazine sales almost universally down, women’s magazine editors talk cover voodoo in WWD. Joanna Coles says it’s tied up in the celebrity-industrial complex.

“Our category in particular rises and falls when there are big strong female movies,” she told WWD, referring to earlier successes like “Sex in the City 2.” “This year, the movies for women have been much less interesting.”

Bridesmaids was interesting (we hear), and we didn’t see everyone clamoring for a Kristen Wiig cover.

AOL share prices lost a quarter of their value this week after the company cut their earnings outlook, reports the Wall Street Journal. Now some are speculating that AOL could now be worth more broken into pieces and sold off than as a whole. “This story would change dramatically. Some investors are playing for Tim’s ability to turn this thing around. Other investors would be interested in playing it for an asset value break up,” analyst Ross Sandler told the WSJ.

There’s an actual violent riot going on in London, but let’s talk about Twitter. It’s not like it’ll document itself or anything.

Morning Links: Demand Media Will Buy Back Our Disdain for Them