Morning Read: Cuomo in the Air, Giuliani for Turner, 'Chipmunk' Diss for DiNapoli

Andrew Cuomo, campaigning for governor at a parade in 2010. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

2012: Rick Perry gets support from some Western NY GOP. [Robert McCarthy / Buffalo News]

2012: Obama is vulnerable, so why is GOP going for Perry and Bachmann, who are both like George W. Bush? [Mike Lupica / Daily News]

2012: More calls for Christie. [Ross Douthat / New York Times]

2016: Rendell predicts Hillary will be the candidate (won’t say why); this would derail Cuomo’s plan. [Fred Dicker / NY Post]

2012: “It remains an open question whether [Bachmann] can tap into the economic message that rival Republicans are building their candidacies around.” [Jeff Zeleny and Michael Shear / New York Times]

Debunking Perry: “So, where does the notion of a Texas miracle come from? Mainly from widespread misunderstanding of the economic effects of population growth.” [Paul Krugman / New York Times]

NY-9: Giuliani to endorse Turner today. [City Hall News]

NY-13: Former business associate of Rep. Grimm has a criminal background; Grimm calls Luquis an independent contractor. [Benjamin Lesser / Daily News]

Transporting Cuomo: “Cuomo used state aircraft for more than a dozen flights to or from his home.” [AP]

Transporting Cuomo: Using state facilities for “private gain” is prohibited by state law. [Erin Durkin / Daily News]

Transporting Cuomo: Cuomo’s spokesman Josh Vlasto said, ” It’s outrageous that due to an apparent lack of news, The Associated Press has now decided to fabricate stories.” [AP]

Transporting Cuomo: Records obtained via FOIL. [AP]

Frenemies: Behinds the scenes tension between Cuomo and Schneiderman. [Jacob Gershman / WSJ]

Insults: Former Governor Paterson and current Cuomo administrations refer to State Comptroller DiNapoli as “chipmunk balls.” [Fred Dicker / NY Post]

Economy: Fears of a  double dip recession; “If we were to back into recession this quickly…we wouldn’t have some of the benefits we had last time,” said IBO’s Lowenstein. [Patrick McGeehan / New York Times]

Toll Hikes: Port Authority’s proposal was prompted by fear the agency’s credit was going to be downgraded. [Eliot Brown and Andrew Grossman / WSJ]

Transit: Cuomo should sign a bill making it tougher for lawmakers to raid money fro MTA. [Pete Donohue / Daily News]

Schools: Panel for Educational Policy will vote Wednesday on controversial $60 million contract to wire public schools. [Rachel Monahan and Ben Chapman / Daily News]

Gambling: Skeptical editors welcome the debate in NY. [NY Post]

Dissent: San Francisco Transportation officials “shut down underground cellphone service to prevent protesters from communicating about police locations.” [Dan Schreiber / SF Examiner]

Front Page in Norwich: “City Council members score well on attendance — mostly.” [Norwich Bulletin]

Headline: “Hyde Park GOP caucus rejects all incumbents.” [John Davis / Poughkeepsie Journal]

Parties: Bloomberg and Schumer were in Southampton for Leon Black’s party. [Cindy Adams / NY Post]

And Warren Buffet writes an op-ed in the New York Times calling on the rich to be taxed more. Morning Read: Cuomo in the Air, Giuliani for Turner, 'Chipmunk' Diss for DiNapoli