Morning Read: Cy Vance's Prosecution, Christine Quinn's Speakership

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2013: A critical look at Quinn’s stewardship of the City Council. [Michael Powell / New York Times]

2013: Ray Kelly parties with a newspaper publisher. [Page Six / NY Post]

NY-9: “Turner pointed at his rival and told the packed auditorium, ‘Want to hide from the problem – there’s your man.’ ” [Alison Gendar / Daily News]

NY-9: ” ‘He used his orthodoxy to say gay marriage is kosher. That crossed the line,’ Hikind said.” [Carl Campanile / NY Post]

NY-20: “At least for now” Rep. Gibson shifts focus away supporting nuclear plant in district. [Maury Thompson /]

DSK: “Vance and his team knew there was only one person’s rights they had to protect — and it was Strauss-Kahn.” [Murray Weiss / DNAinfo]

DSK: “[Accuser] has not been truthful, on matters great and small, many pertaining to her background and some relating to the circumstances of the incident itself” prosecutors wrote. [Laura Italiano and Helen Freund]

DSK: “[P]rosecutors characterized her ability to recount a fictionalized sexual assault with complete conviction as being ‘fatal’ to her credibility.” [William Rashbaum and John Eligon / New York Times]

DSK: “If we do not believe her beyond a reasonable doubt, we cannot ask a jury to do so” prosecutor wrote. [Tim Herrera / amNewYork]

DSK: “Prosecutors didn’t identify maid Nafissatou Diallo by name, but they flat-out called her a liar.” [Melissa Grace and Corky Siemaszko / Daily News]

DSK: “it was a matter of she said-she said-and-she said something different and something conflicting, seemingly whenever a question came up.” [Daily News]

DSK: Praise from a columnist. [Joanna Molloy / Daily News]

Probe: Editors want Schneiderman to resist pressure from Obama aides to settle mortgage investigation. [New York Times]

Bloomberg: “We can put red-light cameras on every single intersection — you just can’t use them,” without Albany’s approval, the mayor said. [Erik Ortiz / amNewYork]

Arrested Cop: Robert Jackson and Guillermo Linares criticize excuse offered by cop accused of rape. [Joe Kemp / Daily News]

Printer Error: Attack mailer sent by Conservatives, not GOP. [Mark Sheer / Niagara Gazette] Morning Read: Cy Vance's Prosecution, Christine Quinn's Speakership