Morning Read: Koch Writes a Book, Cuomo Praises GOP Lawmakers

An illustration from Ed Koch's forthcoming children's book.

2012: Fox host cheerleads Trump for a job that is not available. [Nina Mandell / Daily News]

Downgrading: Blame Washington, not S&P, said Bloomberg. [Erin Einhorn / Daily News]

NY-9: “Markowitz said he agreed to let Turner appear at an Aug. 18 concert featuring the band Cheap Trick.” [Carl Campanile / NY Post]

Special Election: Incoming Buffalo comptroller Mark Schroeder resigned from his Assembly seat “to pave the way for a special election Nov. 8.” [Robert McCarthy / Buffalo News]

State Senate: “Cuomo has not shared a podium with any Senate Democrat since June.” [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

FDNY: Judge overrules city objections and demands Commissioner Cassano testify about hiring practices. [John Marzulli / Daily News]

Jobs: Auditing the city’s work placement program. [Michael Powell / New York Times]

Remembering Carey: Father’s credit problems motivated him. [Ken Lovett / Daily News]

Transportation: Sadik-Khan is “an urban visionary who cuts through gridlock.” [Will Oremus / Slate]

Toll Hikes: Staten Island lawmakers want to “freeze” current discount and extend them to more bridges. [Michael Sedon / SI Advance]

Toll Hikes: Christie lumps Bloomberg in with pols who should have been “more attentive” to Port Authority’s problems. [Josh Margolin and Jennifer Fermino / NY Post]

Schools: “City officials knew as early as January that a Bronx school shut down last week was contaminated by toxic chemicals.” [Rachel Monahan / Daily News]

Schools: “The alarming 35 percent passing rate for eighth-graders, a 2.5 percentage-point drop since last year, was one of the few black marks on otherwise positive news for city kids in both reading and math.” [Carl Campanile / NY Post]

Schools: Moskowitz’s charter school beats its rivals. [WSJ]

Books: Ed Koch and his sister write a children’s book. [Sam Roberts / New York Times]

Washington: 200-year-old Page program ended, made obsolete by blackberry and smart phones. [AP]

Buffalo: President of local teacher’s union joins critics of school chancellor, calls for his removal. [Mary Pasciak / Buffalo News]

Rochester: Democratic City Council challenger thrown off ballot. [Democrat and Chronicle]

Protests: WFP rallied outside Rep. Buerkle’s office. [Mike McAndrew / Post-Standard]

Triathalon: Organizers agree to better screen participants after second death. [Sophia Hollander / WSJ]

Accidents: Woman who hit a City Hall aide and left scene is sentenced to maximum punishment. [William Gorta / NY Post]

Parties: Trump aide Stewart Rahr parties with Bill Clinton, Trump and Ray Kelly. [Page Six]

Morning Read: Koch Writes a Book, Cuomo Praises GOP Lawmakers