Morning Read: Schneiderman's Probe, Dan Maffei's Rematch

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's girlfriend makes the front page. (via

2012: Opening line of story about Pataki’s presidential bid is “Here we go again…” [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

NY-25: “What I have to do, and it is a challenge, is to be a passionate advocate for a middle and pragmatic ground,’ said Maffei. [Mark Weiner / Post-Standard]

NY-9: Headline: “Zadroga 9/11 health law shouldn’t cover volunteers sickened at Ground Zero, GOP hopeful Turner says.” [Alison Gendar / Daily News]

NY-9: “New York State Democratic Committee will spend well into the six figures” to help Weprin. [S.A. Miller and Carl Campanile / NY Post]

9/11: Former Giuliani aide said “I feel like America has lost its way,” because Bloomberg didn’t invite clergy to anniversary. [Michael Howard Saul / WSJ]

Sandra Lee: Racy outtakes could make her appear more likable. [Glenn Blain / Daily News]

Sandra Lee: Video removed from YouTube “due to a copyright claim by Diageo North America, Inc.” [YouTube]

Mortgage Probe: Schneiderman “abruptly” removed from 50-state team negotiating with bank; could lower size of settlement. [Brady Dennis / Washington Post]

Mortgage Probe: Schneiderman spokesman said they are seeking justice. [Reuters]

Mortgage Probe: Editors encourage Schneiderman to hold firm. [Times Union]

DSK: Accuser should be deported because “she fraudulently got a green card,” say editors. [NY Post]

Red Light Cameras: Bloomberg ally Marty Golden doesn’t want them everywhere. [Erin Einhorn and Ken Lovett / Daily News]

Schools: Bronx borough president wants investigation into toxins at P.S. 51. [Rachel Monahan / Daily News]

Schools: Layoffs “unavoidable without union givebacks.” [Yoav Gonen / NY Post]

Schools: “A spokesman for Mr. Bloomberg, Marc La Vorgna, placed the blame for the layoffs squarely on District Council 37 and the other six unions whose members will also be let go.” [Fernanda Santos / New York Times]

Traffic: $80,000 to install, then remove, islands from Fort Hamilton Parkway. [Jennifer Fermino / NY Post]

And Scott Stringer’s spokeswoman is back from vacation.

Morning Read: Schneiderman's Probe, Dan Maffei's Rematch