N.J. Chamber of Commerce supports toll hike

TRENTON – The N.J. Chamber of Commerce applauded today’s Port Authority decision to increase tolls.

“The governors inherited a very difficult situation and were faced with tough decisions,” Chamber President and CEO Thomas Bracken said in a release.

“Their plan responds effectively to these challenges while balancing the needs and concerns of their constituents. Both governors correctly recognize the need to support the complex, massive projects that the Port Authority has undertaken to modernize our state’s transportation infrastructure, and the fact these projects bring thousands of jobs to New Jersey and enhance our competitive position. “

The Authority this morning increased tolls in line with recommendations of Govs. Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo.

“The governors’ support, however, is wisely linked to holding the Port Authority more accountable for its business practices. This will help the Port Authority become more efficient and more effective and will also enhance the region’s competitive position.

“New Jersey’s ports, rails, airports, roads, bridges and tunnels allow business to move people and goods anywhere in the world they need to go. That is a great competitive advantage for New Jersey and we need to keep it that way.”

Business and labor sectors have championed the toll hike proposal since a much larger one was proposed weeks ago.   


N.J. Chamber of Commerce supports toll hike