Norman Mailer’s The Deer Park in Development as Film

Mailer's Son to Co-Produce Didion and Dunne's Adaptation

Michael Mailer.

Norman Mailer’s novel about a director on the Hollywood Blacklist in the 1950s is now in development as a film, reports The Daily. The novel was originally adapted for the screen by Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne in the 1980s for producer Elliott Kastner, but it was never made.

Now Michael (“son of”) Mailer, a film producer whose credits include Black and White and A Fool and his Money has joined with Kastner’s stepson, Cassian Elwes, co-executive producer of Blue Valentine, who received the rights to Didion and Dunne’s screenplay when Kastner died.

“It’s one of my favorite books of my dad’s,” Mr. Mailer told The Observer. “It’s an evergreen story and I’m very excited about doing it.

He said that he and Elwes are currently shopping the film to a shortlist of ten directors. “We’re going to aim after the A-List.” Norman Mailer’s The Deer Park in Development as Film