On the Market: ‘The Cataclysm That Wasn’t’ Edition

While The Times admits some overreaction to Irene… [NY Times]

The News shows a city “flattened” by rain… [Daily News]

And the Post just wants everything back to normal. [NY Post]

Many are finding this morning’s commute to be much easier than they’d feared. [City Room]

What will “Hurricane Zone” designations mean for the future of NYC real estate values? [Brick Underground]

Images of Brooklyn in the wake of Irene. [Brownstoner]

The city’s only reported hurricane-related fatality occurred on City Island. [NY Post]

Rockaway residents thad to trust their wall as the storm surged towards their homes. [WSJ]

At first glance, Irene might have been good for the economy. [Bloomberg]

Beloved Brooklyn Heights elm felled. [BK Paper]

Gowanus inn Hotel Le Bleu gouges Irene escapees, charging $999 a night. [Daily News]

And life gets back to normal:

Changes to jumbo mortgages won’t phase most of America, but in New York, it will be real headaches. [NY Times]

The boom in Union City. [Journal]

How much longer can graffiti mecca FivePointz hang one? [NY Times]

New York real estate bounces back from 9/11 like no one ever thought. [Crain’s]

Jaw-dropping Brooklyn Heights before-and-after renovation. [Brownstoner]

Architects in the lead on disaster preparedness. [ArchPaper]

Electric bills out of control for low-income tenants. [Crain’s] On the Market: ‘The Cataclysm That Wasn’t’ Edition