Ossining Sewage Spill: Poo Plagues Westchester County

A beach in Ossining

In New York’s  second major sewage disaster of the summer, a downed tree in Ossining village is causing millions of gallons of untreated waste to seep into the Hudson.

Swimmers, boaters, and late summer baskers are being told to stay away from the beaches in Westchester County, and to avoid all contact with the contaminated water.

According to a press release by the county authorities, a tree fell in the village of Ossing and caused an 18 inch rupture in a sewer main. An estimated 1.5 million gallons of untreated wastewater are spewing into Sing Sing Kill per day, slowly percolating into the Hudson, located just a quarter mile away.

The culprit, a fallen tree (photo from the Hudson Riverkeeper's Boat Patrol)

The Hudson Riverkeeper Boat Patrol has taken to Twitter to update residents about the spill. “Processing our samples from testing run this morning in response to the #Ossining #sewerBreak, results coming tomorrow after incubation,” they wrote earlier this morning. With the very deepest of sympathy, we want to thank to the lab worker responsible for overseeing the incubation of raw sewage samples. Hopefully the summer interns are still there?

In a similar incident just last month, a fire at a Harlem sewage plant caused millions of gallons of waste to spew into the Hudson leading to widespread contamination and beach closures.

Ossining Sewage Spill: Poo Plagues Westchester County