Paul Ceglia Says Facebook Is Playing Dirty, Calls for Help at

Paul Ceglia, the upstate New Yorker who paid Mark Zuckerberg for contracted programming work in 2003, has broken his silence to his hometown newspaper, the Wellsville Daily, and to ZDNet. This morning Facebook filed a contract its lawyers claim they found on Mr. Ceglia’s computer which makes no mention of The Facebook–but Mr. Ceglia says it’s a fake. Writing from Ireland, Mr. Ceglia says he’s being bullied by the billionaire, whose lawyers dredged up dirt from his past and gave it to the media, calling him an “inveterate scam artist” and hammering on an obviously irrelevant past arrest for possession of psychedelic mushrooms.

Now Mr. Ceglia, whose case has been dropped by three law firms so far but is hanging on to his current representation, longtime counsel Paul Argentieri and Jeffrey Lake, is crowdsourcing his case at

“We have conclusive proof Mark is lying and (is) searching for more,” Ceglia continued. “Anyone with some legal or technical expertise that would like to help us nail him down for good is welcome to join in at”

The site includes a wiki and requires users to register and e-sign a non-disclosure agreement. “You will face a jury of our peers Mark, and your PR team won’t be there to save you,” Mr. Ceglia wrote. Paul Ceglia Says Facebook Is Playing Dirty, Calls for Help at