Reddit’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ Section Suffers Near Death Experience

Reddit’s increasingly popular “IAmA” section–I am a tech blogger, ask me anything–was briefly shut down yesterday after its creator got sick of policing its 465,000 members and the pranksters who pretended to be terminally ill patients or rape victims. “The /r/IAmA that I shut down (until incredable backlash), in my opinion is not that subreddit that I started two year ago,” moderator 32bites wrote. “I feel that the community has been flooded by people who don’t care about it at all …”

However, Redditors who visited the site today note the subreddit is still there, subscribers in place. “As you have noticed IAmA is still around,” Mr. 32bites wrote. “This is mostly due to the fact that i feared retalitation, while at work today I received a number of phone calls from people telling me that they hated my guts, trying to buy the subreddit from me, and a number of people trying to get in to different accounts of mine with the password reset tools.”

He passed the reins to another user, karmanaut. Manager Erik Martin managed the changeover. “The creator wanted to shut it down but the outcry and mods talked him down,” he told Betabeat in an email. “It’s back to relative normalcy now.”

Outstanding requests for IAmAs include actor Michael C. Hall, “family member of a porn star,” and Billy West, who is the voice of Zoidberg on Futurama. Reddit’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ Section Suffers Near Death Experience