Regrets, Only: The Observer’s Media Power Singles Mixer

A packed, noisy, disconcertingly sweaty night in East Village bar The Scratcher played host to The Observer's night of potential matchmaking. Beer was spilled, Sublime was blasted, faces were punched, and notes were taken. Photos by Maureen Pitz.
Media Power Bachelor ('11) Anthony De Rosa, took time out of his busy schedule of running the universe's social media news reporting operation (or: Reuters') to drink with the likes of Huffington Post media reporter and former Observer Off-The-Record columnist Michael Calderone and lawyer-by-day, The Nation-and-MSNBC-contributor-by-early-evening Ari Melber.
The lovely ladies of Village Voice news blog Runnin' Scared will, if you are on the wrong side of the bar to them, have you doing just that. As for Ms. Gray, we learned earlier today that she was there on the job. Reporting. As for Ms. Doll? Last night, on Twitter, she—herself a Media Power Bachelorette—noted: "here is a truth. i just punched a person in the face A LOT," which from what we understand, is true. While Ms. Gray decided to document her findings from the party later on the blog—likely culled from the notepad she was seen jotting scribbles in over the course of the evening—another dispatch from Ms. Doll's Twitter account may serve to be a far more accurate summation than any blogger could submit: "is it too early to order chinese?"
It's hard out here for reporter. NY1 Rail and Road Report It-Girl Jamie Shupak and Change The Ratio/Mediaite founding editor Rachel Sklar flank the Times' Brian Stelter.
New York Post and Page Six gossip Tara Palmeri would like to hear all of your secrets if she didn't already put them in yesterday's paper. Today's Rina Raphael is of unbreakable drinking poise, likely learned from her "Fourth Hour" colleagues.
Rex and the City star and Kinda Sorta Media founder Rex Sorgatz is consulting Ms. Wortham on how to appear moderately sullen at having one's picture taken; it's not working.
We're not sure who the guy with Mediagazer editor and former Valleywag scribe Megan McCarthy is, but if he's in her company, surely, he's a nice fellow. UPDATE: Yeah, that gentleman she's with works at Foursquare, is one of their chief engineers, and likely has more money in vesting equity options than anyone else in that bar will accrue throughout our entire careers. Funny thing is, [make some salacious and transparently bitter observation about him, TK TK].
The Paris Review editor and Media Power Bachelor was reluctant to have his picture taken, eventually surrendering his former technique in place of just giving photographer Maureen Pitz the evil eye. Most pictures are worth a thousand words; pictures of Lorin Stein likely yield three or four grand, and a tote bag, too.
Media Power Bachelorettes Rina Raphael (Features Editor at NBC's Today) and Jenna Wortham (Technology Reporter, New York Times) listen as the only person in the house to make both The Observer's Media Power Couples and Media Power Bachelor lists in the same year—New York Times media reporting dynamo Brian Stelter—explains the rate of ascent one's social life and spiritual steadfastness experiences when rewarded with back-to-back power superlatives, as he's been. No one bachelor should have all that power.
Moderately lanky Kinda-British-by-way-of-Texas writer Tom Leveritt is incredibly out of place, here, until The Exchange-Rate between Love and Money author explained the time he had to put a gambling marker down for Observer Media Power Bachelor Nate Freeman. People collecting fingers: There's one at every party. We gave him a copy of the new issue—it's a broadsheet!—and that seemed to suffice.
Times tech reporter Ms. Wortham recently edited a zine entitled Girl Crush, which included contributions from the likes of Pulitzer Prize-winner Jennifer Egan. Ms. Shupak was recently featured in a six-page New York Post photo shoot, is a relationship columnist for Complex and gets to hang out with Pat Kiernan every day.
AdWeek writer David/D.M. Levine—if that is your name, as Mos Def once famously noted of him—was seen having a drink, and enjoying it, with Broadcasting and Cable reporter Andrea Morabito, who he did not show up with; they ran into each other! This happened a lot.
The sole Observer staffer to be anointed with Media Power Bachelor status, Nate Freeman, does not think the "in Soviet Russia, slideshow click you" joke is very funny. His friend with the red pants, Ted Gushue, was reportedly punched in the face last night by Media Power Bachelorette Jen Doll.
Power New York Observer editor-in-chief Elizabeth Spiers enjoys a Power Cocktail. A picture's worth a thousand words. The first three these smiles bring to mind are: "a thousand impressions."
'A fresh-faced Wall Street Journal reporter,' known jock, and Media Power Bachelor Ben Cohen sidles up next to The Village Voice's Rosie Grey.
Colin Lowenberg! He looks like but is not New York Times Dealbook writer Kevin Roose. He is, however, in this picture alone, which might explain the smile and look of calm on his face.
You could see how they could be confused! New York Times Dealbook writer Kevin Roose is—as one of the younger, less spiritually haggard Media Power Bachelors in attendance—a patient listener. Just out of frame: a sweaty New York Observer editor in his ninth uninterrupted minute mumbling to himself about what it's like to personally smother nuance with one's bare hands.
After it's first day on newsstands and a night like that, the new face of The New York Observer is positively spent, as demonstrated by its not-entirely-discerning taste in beer. Others who were there and not pictured: Times arts writer Dave Itzkoff, New York features writer Jada Yuan, Forbes media writer Jeff Bercovici, former Guest of a Guest blogger and Abrams Media party-thrower Sarah Kunst, and The Nation's Miriam Markowitz.

IT’S BEEN AN INTERESTING FEW WEEKS. Ever since The Observer debuted its Media Power Bachelors and Media Power Bachelorettes lists, many an inbox or IM window in the office have yet to go a day without some noting—be it laudatory, critical, generally humored, or moderately infuriated—of the lists. Feedback for a publication is usual; this kind of feedback has been, in this particular instance, patently unusual. One common response to the lists, especially by those selected for them, was: When are you having the mixer?

And why wouldn’t it happen? Well, the bachelors list elicited a comparison to “the cantina scene from Star Wars.” The bachelorettes list elicited, among other things, a few lewd proposals. We are not in the business of facilitating a room that resembles less of a networking confab and more an Island of Dr. Moreau full of hormonal, single, and eventually drunk media people.

Which is why we made it a cash bar.

And why not attend ourselves? We’ll gladly celebrate the conclusion of this endeavor, and the start of a newer, (literally) broader New York Observer, and we’ll also hire a photographer to document it with a few pictures. As it turned out, we weren’t the only ones to enjoy it: plenty of others have since turned out reports publicly or privately of “clocking,” vomiting, screaming, wingmanning, eavesdropping, people telling one another to “fuck yourself,” hugging it out, Tweeting, and an abundance of drinking. To add to the festive/sadistic atmosphere, at one point, Sublime was heard playing over the bar’s speakers (“40 Oz. to Freedom”). And yet, somehow, it’s been noted as “less of a shitshow” than assumed in the lead up to be.

As for romances yielded by the party or the lists? We have yet to confirm any, but romantic interest if not vague suspicions of it having already happened were discussed last night. More, if necessitated, forthcoming. Until then, enjoy this: two lists later, a bunch of media people in a bar three sheets and smiling in the foreground, carnage just slightly out of frame. Romance is clearly in the air, and there are power couples to be dethroned.

From this group, we’d expect nothing less. | @weareyourfek

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