Robbie Myers’s Assistant Brings ‘Masculinity,’ ‘Attractive Guyness’ to Elle


Seth Plattner, assistant to Elle editor in chief Robbie Myers, has a thoughtful first person piece in the September issue about why he, a gay guy, makes out with girls.

One reason is simply because women are nicer to guys who flirt with them–even at Elle.

“Canoodling with women kept me alive to the fact that it’s foolish to shut down my sexual self in the company of the opposite sex. It can be useful, even at work. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to kiss my way to the top. It’s more subtle than that. I work at a fashion magazine, where women are my bosses, colleagues, friends. And with all of them, I’m aware that my masculinity, my attractive guyness, is part of what I offer. Obviously, my professional skills are more important, but if a coworker or superior thinks I’m cute or captivating in some way, great! That gravitational pull is mine to leverage as I can.”

Real talk.

(via Fashionista)

Robbie Myers’s Assistant Brings ‘Masculinity,’ ‘Attractive Guyness’ to Elle