Roundup: Cuomo Considers a Big Gamble, Duffy Hosts a Private Meeting

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Tomorrow: Cuomo, Schumer, Gillibrand, Silver and Quinn among the guests expected at Rangel’s fundraiser. [Jeff Mays / DNAinfo]

NY-9: AFL-CIO endorses Weprin. Goldfeder and Simanowitz too. [Michael Johnson / Capital Tonight]

Israel: Rep. Grimm makes the trip. [The Brooklyn Politics]

Same-Sex Marriage: Maryland Archbhishop tells governor there “I am well aware that the recent events in New York have intensified pressure on you.” [George Matysek / Catholic News Service]

Toll Hikes: Cuomo said he didn’t know hikes were on the way, but was aware of financial trouble at the agency. [Michael Johnson / Capital Tonight]

Gambling: “Cuomo says his administration is “actively” involved in the review that could lead to more than the current Indian-run casinos in New York.” [AP]

Gambling: Cuomo said “It is already happening” so the question is “how should it be done.” [Casey Seiler / Times Union]

Gambling: “It’s a topic that we are looking at actively,” said Cuomo. [Glenn Blain / Daily News]

Nuclear: “Cuomo is right to call for Indian Point’s shutdown and we strongly support his pulling the plug.” [East Villager News]

Fracking: DiNapoli calls for gas-drilling fund. [CNBC]

Food Politics: Brad Lander has a slew of bills. [Molly Culver / Patch]

Economic Councils: “[Lt. Gov. Duffy] said he decided to exclude the press from the initial gathering because he wanted to give the group time to ‘go through all the mechanics of getting this up and running.’ ” [Michael DeMasi / Biz Journal]

Economic Councils: “It was my decision to close it, and I accept full responsibility,” said Duffy. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Fallout: Biggest winner from Weiner scandal is Rep. Crowley. “[H]e’ll be freer to play kingmaker in the mayor’s race” and “he’s likely to inherit much of Weiner’s district.” [CHN]

Hospital Beds: 3,593 in Queens, where 2 million people live. [Veronica Lewin / Queens Tribune]

And now, lets all read Andrew Rice’s piece on Ground Zero, in Bloomberg Businessweek.

Roundup: Cuomo Considers a Big Gamble, Duffy Hosts a Private Meeting