Roundup: New Yorkers Brace for Hurricane Irene and George Pataki

Mayor Bloomberg Visits Department of Environmental Protection Crew Cleaning Storm Sewers in Preparation for Hurricane Irene August 25, 2011 (Photo Credit: Edward Reed)

2012: “[H]e’s simply not relevant anymore, and really hasn’t been for a while.” [Steve Kornacki / Salon]

2012: Pataki not endorsing Perry Saturday. [Andrew Rafferty / NBC]

2012: Pataki’s leaked website “embarrassing.” [Glittarazzi]

2012: “The population of reporters who never say mean things about people is smaller than a George Pataki 2012 house party.” [David Weigel / Slate]

NY-9: Weprin robos off Turner’s refusal to back Zadroga bill for Ground Zero volunteers. [Celeste Katz / Daily News]

NY-9: Turner said same-sex marriage “should not be an issue in this campaign.” [Anna Gustafson / Queens Chronicle]

NY-9: NARAL for Weprin. [Rick Karlin / Times Union]

NY-9: Turner keeps calling Weprin a “career politician.” [Courtney Gross/ NY1]

NY-9: Weprin and Turner tried saying something nice about each other. [Howard Koplowitz / Queens Campaigner]

NY-9: “[O]ne can only imagine how former Congressman Weiner will cast his vote. I suspect he will vote for Weprin.” [Henry Stern / Huffington Post]

Teacher Evaluations: Teacher reports can be released, court rules. [NY1]

Teacher Evaluations: UFT vows an appeal. [Sharon Otterman / New York Times]

Mortgage Probe: Americans for Financial Reform make the case for Schneiderman’s resistance. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Mortage Probe: Buffett will dump $5 billion into Bank of America. [Ben Protess and Susanne Craig / Deal Book]

Fund-Raising: Rep. Ackerman mocks a Republican for alligator-hunting. [Celeste Katz / Daily News]

Executive Pay: Cuomo task force seeks info from Medicaid and social service providers first. [Michael Johnson / Capital Tonight]

Executive Pay: The move could yield “unprecedented analysis that could shine a light on executives who take home an outsize share of their organization’s revenue.” [Russ Buettner / New York Times]

Roundup: New Yorkers Brace for Hurricane Irene and George Pataki