Roundup: Schneiderman

Assemblyman Lancman is honored at the ceremony for "Guru Ladho Re" day at Baba Makhan Shah Lobana Sikh Center, August 21, 2011 (via Lancman's official Flickr stream)

2012: Obama’s search for tech-savvy help started a while ago. [Nick Judd / Tech President]

2012: Not laughing at Pataki. [Elspeth Reeve / Atlantic]

2012: “Pataki may have been as conservative as a New York governor can be.” [Ben Smith / Politico]

2012: “Immigration and social issues, like gay rights, were not highlights.” [Andrew Rafferty / NBC FIrst Read]

2012: Pataki has “low name-recognition across the country, and does not have a national fundraising network.” [New York Post]

2012: Republicans urged to campaign against same-sex marriage. []

NY-9: Democrat Weprin said whether to legalize same-sex marriage “should be a state-by-state determination.” []

NY-9: Weprin’s statements are vague; Bob Turner’s are unrealistic. [Colby Hamilton / WNYC]

NY-9: “Meanwhile, gay marriage has emerged as a major issue in the campaign.” [Yeshiva World]

NY-9: Turner would be unique among NY delegation in his opposition of Zadroga bill. [Michael O’Brien and Daniel Strauss / The Hill]

NY-9: Socialist joins Dem and GOP in televised debate. [Queens Courier]

Mortgage Probe: Removal of Schneiderman creates backlash for Iowa AG. [David Dayen / Fire Dog Lake]

Mortgage Probe: Schneiderman, in his own words. [Times Union]

Mortgage Probe: Schneiderman not alone in wanting to press banks further. [Jennifer Liberto / CNN Money]

Mortgage Probe: Schneiderman top story on HuffPo. [Tumblr]

Headline: “Rabbi Ties Earthquake To Gay Marriage.” [Liz Benjamin / Capital Tonight]

Security: Investigative story describes NYPD getting CIA help in how to monitor “ethnic” neighborhoods in and around NYC. “Mosque crawlers” and “rakers.” NYPD strongly denies. [Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo / AP]

Security: AP story about NYPD is “a blockbuster.” [John Doyle and Helen Kennedy / Daily News]

Teacher Evaluations: Court sides with NYSUT, blocking student test cores from counting up to 40% of teacher grades. [Scott Waldman / Times Union] Roundup: Schneiderman