Rove picking up Prez Christie ‘vibrations’

Former Bush advisor Karl Rove told Sean Hannity on Fox last night that he believes Gov. Chris Christie could still get in the race for president.

“I think Chris Christie and Paul Ryan are gonna look at it again,” said Rove, who also mentioned former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. 

“… I’m starting to pick up some sort of vibrations that these kind of conversations are causing Christie and Ryan to tell the people who are calling them, you know what, I owe it to you, I’ll take a look at it,” he added.

Rove told Fox in the aftermath of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign announcement that the GOP risks losing in 2012 if it nominates a right-wing candidate to face President Barack Obama.

In 2009, Rove admitted to having had conversations with Christie about gubernatorial politics while Christie was serving as U.S. attorney.

The sitting Republican governor has said repeatedly he is not running for president in 2012.
“This is Karl Rove stirring the pot,” said Monmouth University political scientist Patrick Murray. “(The Bush wing) of the party is afraid of Rick Perry. They’re afraid that Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann will cause Republicans to lose power.”
Rove picking up Prez Christie ‘vibrations’