Roy Neuberger’s Pierre Co-op Sells for $10.4 M. (Corrected)

There, there, the recession can't hurt you here.

The estate of famed financier and modern art collector Roy Neuberger has sold his apartment at the Pierre. Mr. Neuberger died last year at age 107, having spent 101 of those years in New York City. The apartment was never officially listed, according to Max Dobens of Prudential Elliman, who has worked in the building and did not work on this particular deal.

The famous hotel, which opened in 1930, was purchased and reopened by Taj Hotels and Resorts in 2009, and currently has 140 hotel rooms, 49 suites and 77 co-op units.

The newest residents of the Pierre are Chicago couple Leslie Bluhm and David Helfand. They purchased Mr. Neuberger’s home for $10.4 million, and likely paid cash as the board of the Pierre does not accept financing plans.

Although they did cough up a hefty chunk of change, their sacrifice was certainly not in vain: Ms. Bluhm and Mr. Helfand will be living in the lap of luxury with all the amenities one could possibly desire (twice-daily maid service and an on-site physician, for starters).

“As is most often the case in life, you get what you pay for, and the Pierre does not disappoint,” Mr. Dobens wrote in an email.

Correction: The apartment was, in fact, put on the market publicly. Judith Leader of Warburg Realty had the exclusive listing .


  Roy Neuberger’s Pierre Co-op Sells for $10.4 M. (Corrected)