Rumors & Acquisitions: Now, Flex

STRANGEST RECRUITMENT LETTER EVER. The strangest recruitment letter we’ve seen, we must say–an email from the list-happy General Assembly-based Dinevore, seeking … someone or someones “great” … for … the “evolution of Dinevore, if you will.” Biz dev folks, technical co-founders and designers all need apply! “We’re not looking for rockstars or ninjas or jedis or any of that. Just great people with vision and killer ideas and the ability to execute on them. Drop us a line if you think we could use your skills. Make sure to include something to get us interested (a great BD idea, a link to your GitHub page, your online portfolio etc). NYC-based is ideal, but not essential.” Okay! Readers, if you’re applying, do send a tip with your impressions.

#BITCOIN-RUMORS. The mystery of the epic MyBitcoin whodunnit continues, although energy is flagging among the Bitcoin community. Word on the street is, may have some connection to that most underground of ecommerce, the website where you can OMG buy drugs known as the Silk Road, which would give the owners another motive to build the easy-to-use wallet service in order to make it easy to get Bitcoin to spend on weed and mushies. Betabeat called our local Federal Bureau of Investigation today to file a complaint and find out if there was an investigation ongoing. “I’m sorry, I can’t help you on this,” a press representative said, declining to either confirm or deny whether the FBI was looking into the matter.

THE TIME IS ALWAYS NOW. Is capital drying up? The companies out of DreamIt Ventures–which gave life to one of New York’s favorite little revenue-generating ventures, SeatGeek–had a demo day a fraction of the size of TechStars’s and the companies have had oh, less success? Raising money? In the wake of the TechStars demo day, Betabeat remembers stories of rounds so full the founders had to subscribe them twice. Only 14 of the 15 DreamIt start-ups presented. “Appbrick and Cognection, not doing so hot,” a source says. “Prepfly didn’t present.” And Pictour found itself scooped by Foursquare’s lists feature weeks after their pivot. Then again, some companies are doing well–1DocWay’s got all the money they need, we hear. Remember, you can’t spell “pivot” without “tip,” er, whatever. Talk to us.

THE EVERY-HOUR BODY. Every hour, a bell goes off in the SinglePlatform office, indicating the time to drop and give CEO Wiley Cerelli 20. Well not really, says the start-up’s rather buff Chief Fitness Officer, who used to be a division 1 wrestler at Syracuse, the push-ups are optional. Is there a push-up competition in the works between SinglePlatform and the muscle builders at Kohort? We’re hearing yes! Fitocracy might want to get in on this. Rumors & Acquisitions: Now, Flex