‘Slim-and-Trim’ Kefir To Supply Minimum-Level Sustenance to Fashion Week

Lifeway, free come this Fashion Week.

The tents at Lincoln Center already has its fair share of free drink to offer the Fashion Week stalwarts — Frappuccinos in the morning, wine in the afternoon — but there’s little food to speak of. Eating, who needs it!

Watch out, though: this year, you’ll be tempted by food, real food. And look out, it’s a dessert! Thank god for us, it has the caloric content of Diet Celery Water. It’s Lifeway Frozen Kefir, and it’s a “slim-and-trim ice cream alternative.”

This season, dessert gets a healthy makeover. The future of frozen dessert is an all natural, tasty and tangy frozen treat fueled by Lifeway Kefir. Fashion enthusiasts from around the globe are invited to “chill” at their chic pop-up shop in the Grand Lobby of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Friday, September 9th from 9 am- 9 pm. We would love to have you stop by and try Spring 2012’s coolest flat-belly food.

Expect this “flat-belly food” stand to be swamped non-stop. You can find The Observer by the free wine. ‘Slim-and-Trim’ Kefir To Supply Minimum-Level Sustenance to Fashion Week