Some Things Never Change: ‘Hamptons Hos’ Are The New ‘Velcro Mafia’

“‘I’ve had girls who’d take the bus over and linger around, then have sex with anyone who had a house,” says Almendral, the 50-year-old managing director of the Wall Street Solutions Group Inc.

‘They weren’t hookers. They got by through the kindness of strangers . . . they see the Hamptons as an adventure that’s also a safe, luxurious experience.'”

New York Post, “I’m a Hamptons House Ho,” by Dana Schuster and Brian Niemietz, August 11, 2011

“‘Every night at the Pavilion’–a bar in the Pines–‘there are a handful of men who arrive with nowhere to stay and nothing but a toothbrush,’ says Robert Levine, a correspondent for the Fire Island Flyer. ‘They parade past the tables where the rich lawyers and movie-industry executives and the Velvet Mafia guys all congregate. By the end of the evening, most of them end up in someone’s lovely home.'”

New York, “Boys on the Side,” by Maer Roshan and Eric Konigsberg, August 18, 1997 :: @DPD_ Some Things Never Change: ‘Hamptons Hos’ Are The New ‘Velcro Mafia’