Source: DCCC Meets with a Likely Grimm Challenger, Mark Murphy

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee quietly met in New York City last weekend with Mark Murphy, a Democrat likely to challenge New York City’s only Republican congressman in next year’s elections, according to a source.

Murphy is an aide to Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, and is looking to run against freshman Rep. Michael Grimm. So far, Grimm has more than $400,000 on hand in his campaign account, making him a formidable target to unseat.

Grimm is a former FBI agent and military veteran who ran an insurgent campaign, relying on a mix of support from Tea Party activists and high-profile endorsements from Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin. After a contentious primary, Grimm went on to knock off freshman Rep. Mike McMahon in 2010.

Since taking office, Grimm’s record working undercover in the FBI has come under scrutiny — particularly after the New Yorker detailed an altercation Grimm had where he reportedly pulled out his gun during a dispute near a night club years ago. Politically, Grimm has had some choice words for some of his hard-line Tea Party supporters, fracturing the alliance that propelled him to victory not long ago.

Murphy is the Staten Island representative for the Public Advocate. Before that, Murphy worked in the real estate industry in California. He now lives on Staten Island, and comes from a family that has resided there for generations.

The NY-13 district includes all of Staten Island and a portion of southern Brooklyn. It’s unclear how much of Brooklyn — or perhaps Manhattan — will be drawn into the district after it is redrawn to reflect updated information from the latest census. New York is expected to lose 2 congressional seats, including, according to many observers, the nearby NY-9 seat formerly held by Anthony Weiner — which covers Brooklyn and Queens. Source: DCCC Meets with a Likely Grimm Challenger, Mark Murphy