Start-Up News: Baller Edition

YEAH, YEAH. The metal label Century Media, which represents such artists as 3 Inches of Blood and Aborted, is ditching Spotify. “While everyone at the label group believes in the ever changing possibilities of new technology and new ways of bringing music to the fans, Century Media is also of the opinion that Spotify in its present shape and form isn’t the way forward,” a press release informs us. “The income streams to the artists are affected massively and therefore that accelerates the downward spiral, which eventually will lead to artists not being able to record music the way it should be recorded. Ultimately, in some cases, it will completely kill a lot of smaller bands that are already struggling to make ends meet.”

But the label waffled a little:

At the same time Century Media also believes that Spotify is a great tool to discover new music and is in the process of reintroducing their bands to Spotify by way of putting up samplers of the artists. This way, fans can still discover the great music released by the label.

Physical sales are dropping drastically in all countries where Spotify is active. Artists are depending on their income from selling music and it is our job to support them to do so. Since the artists need to sell their music to continue their creativity, Spotify is a problem for them. This is about survival, nothing less and it is time that fans and consumers realize that for artists it is essential to sell music to keep their heads above water.

Obviously it is ultimately up to the music fan and consumer, how they access their music, whether it is buying, streaming or stealing. There needs to be awareness though, that how you will consume your music has direct consequences for the artists, who we are all trying to support.

OH SNAP. New York-based Facebook game-maker Snap Interactive is proud of its quarterly results, announcing revenues of more than $4.82 million. “This represents nine consecutive quarters of revenue growth for the NYC-based start-up, with a stock price that has gone up more than 600 percent in the past 12 months.”

START-UP MEETUP FUN TIMES. “Me and a coworker are beginning to organize a techie basketball meetup,” writes Zeve Salman, the organizer of NY Tech Ballers, which already has 53 ballers. “The goal is to eventually have enough people from different startups to have it be a company league kind of thing (such as Foursquare .vs. Meetup). For those who are the only players from a specific company, we will mesh them on a team together. It’ll be a great networking opportunity, and a awesome way to stay in shape and not get fat.”

SUPPORT GROUPS. A free social network specifically for people suffering with cancer called IHadCancer built specifically for those suffering with the disease, either directly or indirectly, has launched. The founder’s story is here.

MINUS IS PLUS A MIL. “File sharing tech startup Minus announced it has raised $1 million in investment capital from IDG Capital Partners, allowing the company to continue to grow its easy to use, universal file sharing platform.”

TOUT. Behind on Gmail integration. But announcing iPhone app. (Sorry kids, it’s not free.) Local record-keeping-for-networking start-up Hashable should have bought Tout when it had the chance.

LOCAL RESPONSE, POST-PIVOT, EATS A START-UP. The check-in aggregating advertising platform LocalResponse, formerly Buzzd, has made an acquisition: DFJ Gotham-backed Philo, working in a tangent space: TV check-ins. We like it.

OBLIGATORY HACKATHON. Startup Weekend, at General Assembly, is this weekend.

MARKETS. SecondMarket is looking for SysOps engineer.


Start-Up News: Baller Edition