Sunday Reading: Remembering Hugh Carey, Probing Rep. Greg Meeks

Governor Hugh L. Carey opening the I Love New York Fall Festival. (via NYS Archives. Photographer: William Sievert)

2012: “The all-white crowd seemed to thrive on [Ron] Paul’s message.” [Robert McCarthy / Buffalo News]

2013: “Anyone who says they’re running for mayor, I’ll do a presser with them.” [Tom Wrobleski / SI Advance]

Downgrading: “The Wall Street bean counter who trashed America’s global credit reputation is a New Yorker who never studied economics, majored in literature and philosophy, and has a master’s in English lit.” [Buiso , Burke and Roberts / NY Post]

Remembering Carey: “Hailed for his crisis management during the city’s brush with insolvency…His second term bogged down in disputes with the Legislature and seemed lackluster.” [AP]

Remembering Carey: “Now the times of plenty, the days of wine and roses, are over.” [Joseph Spector / Poughkeepsie Journal]

Remembering Carey: Slide show. [Democrat and Chronicle]

Remembering Carey: Photos from NYS Archives. Carey’s high school yearbook photo.

Remembering Carey: “Schumer was elected to Carey’s Congressional seat after Carey.” [Democrat and Chronicle]

Remembering Carey: Launched the “I Love NY campaign.” [Ken Lovett / Daily News]

Remembering Carey: “His accomplishments were sometimes overshadowed by gaffes.” [NY Post]

Remembering Carey: “[S]pent his final years as governor frustrated. Absent an emergency, he often seemed bored with the job.” [Richard Perez-Pena / New York Times]

Schools: “[T]he focus has to be on improving student performance,” Cuomo explains. [Michael Gormley / AP]

Schools: Delay in approving $10 million state grant leaves Buffalo schools with “a best-case scenario” of “a month to implement major changes at one of the city’s worst schools.” [Mary Pasciak / Buffalo News]

Redistricting: Assembly Dems can probably live with whatever a judge does to their districts; Senate Republicans probably cannot. [Casey Seiler / Times Union]

Tax Cap: Peekskill comptroller explains how loophole in Cuomo’s tax cap allows for 4.9% tax hike. [Jacob Gershman / WSJ]

Retirement: Bloomberg gets ammunition in fight against higher taxes; spike in number of NYC pension checks sent to retired union members out of NYC. [David Seifman / NY Post]

Toll Hikes: “[Port Authority] proposal comes after three years of zero-percent growth in operating expenses and $5 billion in cuts.” [Sumathi Reddy and Lisa Fleisher / WSJ]

Toll Hikes: “[GOP State Senator Fuschilo] acknowledged that it would be up to the governors of New York and New Jersey to stop it.” [Ken Lovett / Jonathan Lemire / Daily News]

Toll Hikes: “[P]rivately, the Cuomo administration signed off on the plan within the past week.” [Michael Grynbaum / NewYork Times]

Toll Hikes: Cuomo and Christie sources say they were unaware of hikes. “PA has floated astronomical hikes before, only to scale them back in an orchestrated dance with politicians that lets them save face with outraged commuters.” [Dicker, Margolin and Haddon / NY Post]

Investigations: Rep. Meeks $40,000 loan from Edul Ahmad looks more like a gift, House Ethics Committee said. [Devlin Barrett / WSJ]

Investigations: “There appears to be no evidence that there were any normal (signs) of a legitimate loan under House rules,” said House Ethics report. [Benjamin Lesser / Daily News]

Investigations: “Meeks refused to cooperate with investigators and refused to turn over loan documents.” [Geoff Earle / NY Post]

Investigations: “Asian Donald Trump” under investigation from Attorney General’s office. [Heather Haddon / NY Post]

Jobs: Guy who served one month as prime minster of Somalia back to work at NYS Dept. of Transportation. [Jay Rey / Buffalo News]

Jobs: Councilman Greenfield’s salary at non-profit was 65% of their total expenses. [Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein / NY Post]

Jobs: Bratton would “consider” a job in Scotland Yard. [Tina Moore / Daily News]

Sunday Reading: Remembering Hugh Carey, Probing Rep. Greg Meeks