Sunday Reading: Watching Jeb as Pressure Mounts on a Rep. Meek's Ally

Democrat David Weprin speaks to a supporter after getting endorsed by Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA) and United Firefighters Association (UFA) in Forest Hills. (photo provided by Weprin campaign)

2012: Perry appointees make a lot of Perry donations. [Nicholas Confessore and Michael Luo / New York Times]

2012: Jeb Bush keeping Florida GOP neutral, for now. [William March / Tampa Tribune]

Detroit: Former Mayor Kilpatrick — released from jail but facing 38 counts of corruption next year — said he could win mayor’s race. “I’m serious.” [Andrew Goldman / New York Times]

Alternate History: If Hillary won, would there be a Tea Party? [Rebecca Traister / New York Times]

NY-9: Turner and wife ID themselves as couple who adopted child at center of high-profile AIDS case later made into a movie. [Mark Morales / Daily News]

NY-9: “The State Democratic Committee declined comment on how much it spent on the anti-Turner mailings.” [Erik Kriss / NY Post]

9/11: Christie suggested Bloomberg “get over his stubbornness.” [Josh Margolin / NY Post]

Ballot Access: Former Democratic elections commissioner kicked off ballot for failing to meet residency requirement for local council seat. [Patrick Lakamp / Buffalo News]

Redistricting: Long-time California congressmen drawn into the same district. [Ben Goad / Press-Enterprise]

DSK: Source says Manhattan DA will seek to drop charges. [Laura Italiano / NY Post]

DSK: Vance’s re-election likely impacted, but not necessary derailed, from this case. [John Eligon / New York Times]

Probe: Manhattan DA investigating whether St. Vincent’s operators drove hospital to bankruptcy so they could sell to a developer. [Brad Hamilton / NY Post]

Investigations: “[T]hreat of a lengthy sentence could give the feds leverage to question [Edul] Ahmad about [Rep. Gregory] Meeks and other Queens pols.” [Isabel Vincent / NY Post]

Compensation: Six battalion chiefs earn thousands more than fire chief, in Niagara Falls. [Charlie Specht / Buffalo News]

Payouts: “Last year alone, the city shelled out $520.6 million in claims.” [Haddon, Buiso and Vincent / NY Post]

Food Stamps: “[T]oo large and complex” Obama officials say in rejecting Bloomberg for preventing recipients from using food stamps to buy soda and sugary drinks. [Michael Saul / WSJ]

Reputations: Fred Siegel says take another look at Paterson.[Candice Giove / NY Post]

Fracking: Local bans may not stand up in court. [Glenn Coin / Post-Standard]

Military: Rep. Slaughter concerned about body armor quality. [Jerry Zremski / Buffalo News]

Vigilante: Journo helps Sliwa’s Guardian Angels disrupt brawl in Coney Island. [Mark Morales / Daily News]

Bikes: ” ‘What’re you doing in the pedestrian path?’ the jogger called out, dodging aside. The biker responded with his middle finger.” [Daily News]

Bikes: “Many cyclists are confused about their rights, which is where the new breed of bike lawyers comes in.” [J. David Goodman / New York Times]

Animals: State officials didn’t alert locals of “wild mountain lion” presence. [Brian Nearing / Times Union]

Surgery: Bloomberg’s daughter Georgina hopes to be “pain-free for the first time in my life” after surgery. [Page Six / NY Post]

  Sunday Reading: Watching Jeb as Pressure Mounts on a Rep. Meek's Ally