The Brooklyn Pigeon War of `11: Williamsburg vs. Bushwick

Gangs of Williamsburg.

We wonder what the alleged Park Slope Pigeon Killer would have to say about this: According to The Wall Street Journal, some Brooklynites actually enjoy keeping pigeons.

To be fair, though, Williamsburg resident Richie Garcia’s pigeons aren’t exactly like the rats with wings most New Yorkers detest. “Local hobbyists” breed prized pigeons that partake in what sounds like the pigeon equivalent of a turf war: “they battle against flocks belonging to rival fanciers in a game of capture the bird.”

The Williamsburg birds often face off against flocks from Bushwick, who are likely fighting off gentrification from all the hipster birds to the west. Mr. Garcia’s goal is for his pigeons to steal away birds from the rival pigeon gangs in order to grow his own flock.

If this sounds like fun to you, make sure you have some money to spare before getting started on breeding your own flock. The hobby can take up to five hours per day and cost $400 a month.

We just hope that Mr. Garcia keeps his prized pigeons far away from JJ Byrne Park.

The Brooklyn Pigeon War of `11: Williamsburg vs. Bushwick