The Free Agent List: 2011’s 50 Media Power Bachelors

What goes into making a list of media bachelors? The proprietary formula is of course proprietary, but a few of the key elements are pretty transparent.

First and foremost, Power Bachelors should be desirable, be it by physical appearance, byline, or pure and unfiltered cachet.

Beyond which, they must be available: this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re completely single, per se—besides, what’s ‘single’ in New York now, anyway? But if they don’t have a ring on it, aren’t living with someone, and you can get within close proximity of them, that’s a bachelor. Dictionary definition: “Unmarried man.” Ours? They likely have yet to fully give up the freedoms afforded to one not in a long-term committed relationship.

Unless they have had a recent breakup, it’s a good bet that they were not included on our Media Couples Power List, or the Sequel to the Media Couples Power List. And they’re definitely not these lovebirds.

Finally, to make our list, candidates must simply come to mind: the following gentlemen represent nothing more or less than the editorial judgment of The Observer. They’re the names that came up most often, that were thought of first, and who simply defy exclusion from this kind of thing.

Without further ado, we present out 2011 Media Power Bachelor list. These are gentlemen whose words on the page or appearances on the screen are as utterly charming and desirable as their lives beyond it. For those on the prowl, fair warning, however: to win them away from bachelorhood, most of these men will have to be torn from not just from a modicum of romantic freedom, but the imprisonment of their work that’s lead them to the high regard that appearing on this list requires. If you’re interested in proposing something to them—like, say, a drink—get in touch, and we’ll do our best to pass along the message.

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