The New York Times to Subscribers: This is How We Make the Sausage

Maybe it’s because of the success of Page One or maybe they are just trying to justify that paywall. Either way, we were slightly puzzled by an email we received this afternoon. Apparently, this is one of the “extras” we get as a benefit of our subscription. Why the hard sell, guys. You clearly already sold it.

“From The New York Times Newsroom: The Story Behind The Story,” read the subject line. The email consists of Metropolitan Editor Carolyn Ryan’s account of June 30 – the day that the DSK case unraveled.

Basically, the reader learns that the Times is amazing. Really, really amazing. Enough so to justify the $5.85 a month that all this amazingness costs. But is it worth it?

Talent? Why, yes.

“Willy [Rashbaum] is a wonderful reporter, a genius at cultivating cops and courts sources. But he shouldn’t be allowed to drive.”

“…the ever-relentless courts reporter John Eligon.”

“Jim Dwyer, our Pulitzer Prize-winning Metro columnist, a remarkably plugged-in New York newspaperman…”

Exclusives? Check.

“To avoid tipping off our competitors, especially our ferocious tabloid rivals, I told Bill I was not including the story on our daily news budge.”

“Back in New York, our competitors were unable to match our reporting.”

Social Media Savy? They have that.

“Within minutes, Twitter lit up with people commenting on and re-tweeting the story. Requests for interviews with our reporters, from NPR to the BBC, flowed in.”

Good Times? What’s more fun than guacamole with co-workers?

“After sending the final version, we once again climbed into the Jetta and drove eight blocks from the Times to a Mexican restaurant, where we ate guacamole and read over the story on a printout of the next day’s front page.”


  The New York Times to Subscribers: This is How We Make the Sausage