'They Will Fail': Gillibrand Promises to Defeat Bachmann's Push for DADT

Senator Gilibrand (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand emerged from the fight to abolish Don’t Ask Don’t Tell as arguably the upper chamber’s most ardent spokesperson for gay rights.

It also helped her get out from under the large shadow of the state’s ubiquitous senior senator, Chuck Schumer (who also supports the repeal but has focused more of his attention on the economy and the fiscal woes of the middle class).

At a LGBT-themed forum in Manhattan last night — her umpteenth event that day — Gillibrand quickly knocked down a question about Michele Bachmann’s plans to undo some recent gay rights victories on the federal level.

Guy in the audience [around the 1-minute mark]:

“Michele Bachmman, who I heard she wants to turn the clock back, bring back Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. There’s a push among the Republican Party to have a national act against Marriage Equity. Is it a possibility?”

“No. They will fail,” Gillibrand said, confidently and with no further elaboration — which drew cheers and applauds from the audience. “Thank you,” she said, as the audience was still applauding, and walked out the room.

The forum’s moderator, State Senator Dan Squadron said, “Let that be a lesson to all of us in brevity and effectiveness.”

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'They Will Fail': Gillibrand Promises to Defeat Bachmann's Push for DADT