Time Flies When You’re Talking About Foursquare

Remember in the earlier days of Twitter, when it was all about signing on at a pre-determined time and using a hashtag to participate in a conversation such as #journchat or #blogchat in an attempt to approximate chat rooms? Yeah, those things weren’t Twitter’s finest moments. But the hashtag chat persists, and we just discovered one that was hopping last night: #4sqchat, a regular conversation takes place Monday nights at 9 p.m. Last night’s topic: superusers, who are helping Foursquare clean up its venue information.

The superusers last night chatted surprisingly little about Foursquare’s new list-making feature. It was more about superuser gossip: who was creating double venues in order to be mayor, how many superusers there are total, how they wish superusers had their own Foursquare shirts, reminding each other that Borders and Waldenbooks are closing so be sure to scrub those venues, and so on. “Not naming names, some idiot SU3 locked the Apple stores,” one user tweeted. “I have a quick comment for my fellow Indy SUs. I would appreciate it if you could keep an eye out for weirdo venues at the State Fair the next few weeks. I’m involved with the fair and have advocated 4sq at it,” another said.

We are regular readers of the AboutFoursquare news blog, but who knew the Foursquare superuser community was so committed? Dens, give these kids a badge! Time Flies When You’re Talking About Foursquare