Turner Tells Weprin to Apologize to Ed Koch

Last week former mayor Ed Koch recorded a robo-call for Bob Turner in which he told David Weprin to “knock it off” and stop scaring seniors about Turner’s views on Medicare and Social Security.

This led to Weprin to release a statement about what he termed “an annoying and misleading robo-call” and he accused Turner of lying about his efforts to privatize entitlements.

Now, the Turner campaign is marching Weprin up to Principal Koch’s office and calling on the Democrat to apologize.

From the Turner campaign:

In response late Friday – when Weprin presumably believed few would notice – the career politician viciously and disrespectfully lashed out at the senior Democratic statesman, rudely calling former Mayor Koch through a spokesman “annoying and deliberately misleading.”


“David Weprin owes Mayor Koch an immediate apology,” Mr. Turner said today. “Ed Koch is a New York icon who deserves respect.  The Mayor calls things as he sees them – and he sees David Weprin engaged in inappropriate politicking.  The people of New York deserve better than that that, and so does Ed Koch.”



  Turner Tells Weprin to Apologize to Ed Koch