Turner Tries to Tie Weprin to Wall Street, Ethics Bill [Update]

The Bob Turner campaign is finding increasingly clever ways to go after David Weprin.

In their latest hit, they try to tie the Democrat to Wall Street, an odd move for a Republican, especially one in New York.

At issue is the fact that when he was in the City Council, Weprin made over $100,000 a year as an investment banker for Sterne Agee Municipal Finance and at least another $5,000 as an attorney. At the same time, he served in the City Council and voted to give lawmakers there a 25% pay raise–from $90,000 to $120,000.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a new state ethics bill into law yesterday, and the Turner camp uses it as an occasion to whack Weprin, but the Cuomo bill wouldn’t require any more disclosure from Weprin than he has already provided. Also, trying to hang Weprin’s time on Wall Street or as an attorney on him is at cross-purposes with the Turner campaign’s previous efforts to label Weprin ” a career politician.”

“In the spirit of Governor Cuomo’s ethics reform law, David Weprin has a moral obligation to reveal how much money he was making in his Wall Street job, and from whom was he being paid while serving in public office,” said Turner campaign spokesman William O’Reilly. “Mr. Weprin’s hiked his part-time City Council salary to $112,000; voters deserve to know how much was making on Wall Street at the time.”

Elizabeth Kerr, Weprin campaign spokeswoman, responds:

“Bob Turner’s getting so desperate he’ll make up any excuse to distract voters from his plan to end Medicare as we know it and privatize Social Security. Bob Turner holds over $200,000 in stocks in companies that received money from the TARP bailout. If he wants to talk about Wall Street, maybe he can explain to voters why he supports policies that would protect banks that got bailout money rather than Medicare and Social Security.”




Turner Tries to Tie Weprin to Wall Street, Ethics Bill [Update]