Turner wants two-year toll freeze

State Sen. Shirley Turner, (D-15), Lawrenceville, called for a two-year toll freeze today in a letter she wrote to Gov. Chris Christie.

“Please allow me to express my strong opposition to the proposed toll hikes on Port Authority of New York/New Jersey crossings and PATH trains,” the senator wrote.

“These proposals to increase tolls by fifty percent or more in some cases is an unfair burden on New Jersey’s middle-class who must use the Port Authority’s tunnels, bridges, trains, and airports to get back and forth to work every day. If the proposals are to take effect, they would greatly exacerbate what is already a high-cost commute, given the tolls combined with the high cost of fuel. 

“The increase, which would largely impact low and middle income commuters from the area employed in and around New York City, is unaffordable. Additionally, the toll increase for truckers will be ultimately passed on to consumers, as the cost of transport of consumer goods, such as food and clothes, will increase in lockstep with the toll hikes.”  Turner wants two-year toll freeze