Turner's First Ad Targets Weprin on Mosque [Video]

One day after a Siena poll showed him to be within six points, Republican Bob Turner is out with his first television ad, attacking his Democratic opponent, David Weprin, for supporting the right to build a mosque near Ground Zero.

The 30-second ad — titled “Send A Message” — opens with a static shot of the Twin Towers on fire, then juxtaposes that with the facade of a mosque, followed by the smiling face of President Obama.

That’s followed by a shot of Weprin saying, “I support the right of the mosque to build.”

The spot could appeal to the relatively conservative strain in the Ninth Congressional District. Yesterday’s Siena Poll showed that 52 percent of district residents have an unfavorable view of Obama.

How the district views the mosque is more difficult to discern, though its former representative, Anthony Weiner, was conspicuously quiet when the controversy was particularly acute last summer.

The aggressive ad also reflects the compressed time frame for the special election, dispensing with the usual rule that a campaign’s first ad should be a positive, soft-focus introduction to the candidate.

The ad will air on cable stations in Brooklyn and Queens. The buy is said to be “significant,” and a source with Turner’s campaign said voters in both boroughs will be aware of their positions by election day. The special election is scheduled for September 13, two days after the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

Update: The video was moved from YouTube to Vimeo, and doesn’t seem to allow for embedding now. You can watch it here.

Send A Message from Bob Turner for Congress on Vimeo. Turner's First Ad Targets Weprin on Mosque [Video]