Venus and Serena Know All About That: Sisters Prep for Open, Not Concerned with Natural Disasters

Yesterday evening, tennis divas Venus and Serena Williams made an appearance at an event for Hamptons magazine. The amazonian sisters grace the cover of this month’s issue wearing understated white dresses and looking, dare we say, earthy.

Last night, however, their ensembles sent a much different message. Venus, sporting long curling locks, wore a short purple dress with gold heels. And Serena, oh Serena. The tennis star, who has been recovering from a series of illnesses and injuries, wore a skintight black jumpsuit which, er, wedged in all the wrong places. Paired with giant heels and giant Whitney Houston inspired hair (complete with purple highlights), the younger Ms. Williams certainly made a statement. Serena is back, everyone.

The sisters seemed relaxed going into the tournament. “We’re excited about it, we’re happy to both be healthy and both be playing this year. And It will be fun for us,” Serena said. “You know our training is less stressful this year because we’re so happy to be participating. And so, that’s pretty much it,” Serena responded when asked about this year’s pre-Open regimen.

Although they may not be expected to win the tourney, (Serena is seeded 28th, Venus is unseeded) the sisters will undoubtedly flash their fashion fashion sensibilities while they’re on the court. “I’m going to be bringing back lace again. And the dress is going to be really pretty and elegant but still have a real like fashion pop to it,” Venus told The Observer.

The sisters said they had not arrived in time to feel the quake that shook the East Coast earlier this week. “But we’re from LA, so we know all about that,” Venus noted. Asked if they were concerned about incoming Irene, Venus was remarkably blasé.” We live in Florida so we’re used to them.” “We know all about that too,” Serena added.

  Venus and Serena Know All About That: Sisters Prep for Open, Not Concerned with Natural Disasters