Weprin Nabs DiNapoli; Turner Disapproves

There was more Democrat on Democrat love out of the David Weprin campaign for Congress this morning when he landed the non-surprising endorsement of Tom DiNapoli.

Said the  state comptroller:

“With our nation facing some of the greatest fiscal challenges in a generation, we need David Weprin’s financial and budgeting experience in Congress.I know David Weprin and I trust David Weprin. He is ready to make the tough decisions it will take to keep our fiscal house in order while protecting critical programs like Medicare.”

It was only a matter of minutes however before Bob  Turner used the endorsement to attack Weprin, using the phrase “career politician” three times in a five sentence statement’

Said Turner campaign spokesman William O’Reilly:

“Career politician Tom DiNapoli (D) says we need career politician David Weprin’s ‘financial and budgeting experience’ in Washington. Exactly what experience is he referring to – career politician Weprin’s Slush Fund Scandal in the City Council that he purports to know nothing about? His support of the biggest property tax hike in New York City history? Or his years of overspending that have killed job creation and business development in New York State to the point where we rank dead last among the states in business friendliness. The last thing – the absolute last thing — New York needs is another career politician in Congress.”

Weprin lists endorsements from both Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Gov. Andrew Cuomo on his website, but the campaign hasn’t officially rolled out either. And for that matter, this is the latest in a slew of endorsements on both sides that have been issued via press release rather than via news conference, a function, I am told of the speeded up timetable for the race, which leaves candidates busy dialing for dollars.


  Weprin Nabs DiNapoli; Turner Disapproves