Weprin On Koch Call: Bob Turner Is The Liar

Earlier today we posted a scathing robo-call that former mayor Ed Koch recorded on behalf of Bob Turner’s congressional campaign.

In it, Koch said that Weprin was trying to scare seniors by (falsely) telling them that the Republican would cut Medicare and Social Security.

This afternoon, the Weprin campaign answered back:

In an annoying and misleading robo-call today, Republican Congressional Candidate Bob Turner purposefully misled seniors about his plan to cut Social Security and Medicare. David Weprin’s campaign released the following statement in response to the calls.

“In a pathetic attempt to confuse voters, Bob Turner is lying about his plan to privatize Medicare and Social Security,” said Weprin Campaign spokesperson Elizabeth Kerr. “Bob is telling seniors he really doesn’t want to cut Social Security and Medicare, but he thinks they don’t read the newspaper. Brooklyn and Queens voters already rejected Turner once, and he’s giving them even more reasons to send him packing once again.”


  Weprin On Koch Call: Bob Turner Is The Liar