Why Not Rebuild the Twin Towers in Williamsburg? Or ‘Atop of Obama’s Head?’

The Williamsburg Trade Center. (TTGG)

The suggestions continue to roll in for the Twin Towers Go Global competition, which The Observer chronicled Monday. So far, only one rendering has been submitted, and we’re pretty sure it was done pen-in-cheek: Why not rebuild the World Trade Center on the Williamsburg waterfront with all the other new towers?

There is also a nice drawing of the skyline by a high school student, with Twin Towers firmly intact. Otherwise, the rest are more text suggestions. And what suggestions they are. Curiously, the votes for Texas continue to grow, with two of the 17 calling for Houston and another for Dallas. “First and foremost the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center belong right on the tip of Manhattan Island,” reads one submission. “But if it wasn’t put there, Dallas, Texas would be cool. There are a lot of beautiful and interesting buildings in Dallas, and Two Beautiful Twin Towers would make the Dallas skyline extra spectacular!”

Still, there are those who vehemently insist it belongs nowhere but downtown: “If they’re going to build the twin towers again, I’d like them to be built where they belong.~~ON NEW YORK SOIL!~~! They’re New York’s pride and joy. When they were destroyed I called it the raping of the new york skyline.” And: “Of course the Twin Towers belong where they were. This will send an in-your-face message to the terrorists who had the nerve to blow them up before they were completely evacuated.” If that does not send a direct enough message, there is always this: “How about rebuilding both towers, with the impression of a fist, with middle finger raised on side of each tower facing the Middle East!”

Others take the opportunity to espouse certain political beliefs on the matter. “Where? Oh, anywhere, so long as Silverman is under them—along with the rest of them complicit in collapsing the old towers,” a submission that appears to be directed at developer Larry Silverstein. And then there is the president, who was not even in the Senate at the time of the attacks: “Horns of Plenty/I say place them atop of Obama’s head./They’d look nice up there./A miniature scale model could also be placed upon George Bush’s/head and all of the other president’s (still living) since Kennedy./We wouldn’t want them to feel left out.’/They all did such a good job.”

Along those lines, there are those who argue that with the United States’ waning place in the world, perhaps another city like Shanghai or São Paolo, or even New Zealand. “It would be a blessing,” according to that submitter.

Meanwhile, in the comments on The Observer‘s old story, a debate has broken out on the merits of the original towers.

  • I would support rebuilding them, if they weren’t the most boring landmark ever conceived. The new Freedom Tower is more memorable and quite a bit taller too.
  • You naysayers, are complete a***oles.  I agree, MAYBE when first built, eyesores, ugly.  BUT I live in NEw York and miss them.    So to OCT 16 2004 , you are probably ugly.  BUT I WANT(ed) THE TWIN TOWERS BUILT AGAIN!   THAT BECAME NEW YORK, PART OF THE SKYLINE.  IF ANOTHER COUNTRY OR CITY DOES, NEW YORK MADE A MISTAKE BY NOT BUILDING AGAIN BECAUSE IDIOTS DID NOT WANT THEM.
  • No, they were really ugly.  A complete eyesore.  And full of asbestos.  Except for the thousands of dead victims and multiple thousands of injuries, it was probably good that the US government blew them up, er, I mean 19 Arabs with boxcutters blah blah blah whatever.
  • You dont know much about the Twin Towers I presume! and show some respect!

And to think we sometimes forget why it took so long to get to work on rebuilding.

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Why Not Rebuild the Twin Towers in Williamsburg? Or ‘Atop of Obama’s Head?’