Williamsburg’s Monster Island to Close

Photo Courtesy Dumbo Books of Brooklyn

It’s official: the Monster Island arts center in Williamsburg will close in September, according to The Arts Newspaper.

Rumors of Monster Island’s impending closure have been around for a while, but it seems as though its fate has finally been decided. A Whole Foods may be planned for the space, according to more rumors, but that also seems like a bit of self-flagellation on the part of the displaced artists.

“Monster Island has become one of the last standing institutions of what Williamsburg once was, a hub of creativity and excitement. The closing of it is very sad,” said Vashti Windish, the director of artist-run gallery, Live with Animals, which rented space in the former warehouse.

The closure comes despite a recent Live with Animals shout-out by Holland Cotter. A block party is planned for September 10. Williamsburg’s Monster Island to Close