Wisniewski goes on offense on Obama’s behalf

While Democrats gloomily revist internalized images of President Jimmy Carter’s sweater, Democratic State Party Chairman John Wisniewski today went on offense, refused to apologize for President Barack Obama’s professorial tone and attacked Gov. Chris Christie’s methods as part of what ails government.  

“The Republican Party’s normal is being set by the Tea Party,” Wisniewski told PolitickerNJ.com, reflecting on the debt ceiling debate and this weekend’s Ames Iowa straw poll results and the announcement by Texas Gov. Rick Perry that he will seek the GOP nomination for president.   

“The Republican Party is scraping the bottom of the barrel with a candidate, Michele Bachmann, without substance,” the state Democratic Party chairman said of Saturday’s Republican victor. “I have to go back and check my facts but I believe Gov. Perry stated it was not unconstitutional to secede from the union. This is the guy who wants to be president of all the United States. That’s like having Jefferson Davis step in for Abe Lincoln. No thanks. I don’t think that party has a lot to offer other than blind rage at the President.”  

Wisniewski said Republicans’ eagerness to attack Obama for the country’s fiscal crisis ignores two wars and a $9 trillion deficit handoff made by Republican President George W. Bush to the sitting president.

As for Obama’s response during the debt crisis, “The President did have a four trillion proposal, and then (Speaker John) Boehner got his head handed to him by the Republican Tea Party zealots.”   

And regarding the ongoing handwringing in Wisniewski’s own party about Obama’s perceived unwillingness to engage strongly, the state party chairman went after the Garden State governor as he defended the President.  

“That’s the obscenity of Chris Christie: demean and devolve the debate into a food fight,” said Wisniewski. “I didn’t get into government to speak down to people or to call people names, and as difficult a task as that is to resist when you have the Tea Party still denying the president’s birth certificate, we ought to give the president credit for trying to raise the level of debate in this country.”

Wisniewski goes on offense on Obama’s behalf