Work of Art Returns in October

Bravo has just released a few details about the second season of its popular reality show Work of Art. The first episode will debut on Wednesday October 12. China Chow, Bill Powers, Jerry Saltz, Simon de Pury all return to the show, with planned guest spots by KAWS, among others.

Jerry Saltz announced the news with a quote from Moby-Dick on his Facebook (“From hell’s heart Work of Art stabs at thee…”). Our press release was slightly more formal, and listed the artists participating this season.

* Bayete – 34, Hometown: New York, NY
* Michelle – 29, Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
* Dusty – 32, Hometown: Mountain View, AR
* Jazz-Minh – 33, Hometown: New York, NY
* Kathryn – 29, Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
* Kymia -30, Hometown: New York, NY
* Leon – 31, Hometown: Kedah, Malaysia
* Lola – 24, Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
* Sara – 26, Hometown: New York, NY
* Sarah – 34, Hometown: Cleveland, OH
* Sucklord – 41, Hometown: New York, NY
* Tewz – 30, Hometown: Chicago, IL
* Ugo – 33, Hometown: Paris, France
* Young Sun – 28, Hometown: Morton Grove, IL

Shockingly few normal, human names there. The press release made no reference to the world-famous Brooklyn Museum, so there’s no telling yet what this year’s prize might be. Work of Art Returns in October