A Brief Discussion with Drake, Regarding Nocturnal Schedules and Large-Derriere'd Women with Chocolate Sauce on Them

Pictured, right to left: Drake.

ON THE FOURTH FLOOR of the Versace boutique on Fifth Avenue, just stories above a screaming Fashion’s Night Out mob spilling into the street, 24 year-old world-famous hip hop sensation Drake sat on the armrest of a stiff-looking chair, not drinking the bottles of Dom Perignon chilling in front of him. It’s a night when any building with a clothing rack is spiritually obligated to wrangle celebrities and crazed crowds—and feed them designer-branded cookies, too—but even in the middle of this uptown scrum the crowd by this particular store out-crazied the others. Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake! a group of girls yelled as The Observer shouldered our way toward the front. “No, we are not leaving,” said another of the girls, to her friends. “We’re going to get in and see Drake perform.”

It’s safe to say they didn’t get in (the well-controlled crowd successfully avoided the claustrophobia associated with this miasma, a New York Mardi Gras of status-consumerism) but either way, they wouldn’t have seen Drake perform. He was DJing.

After a few glasses of bubbly The Observer was whisked upstairs to the suite where Drizzy had been hiding. Which of your infinite sweaters did you choose, Drake? None, it appeared—he had on black pants, black shirt, black jacket. They all fit him disconcertingly well. We managed to grab Drake for a quick moment, to yield policy decisions from the Young Money star himself  about New York nightlife, cardigans, and our girl problems.

NEW YORK OBSERVER: When’d you get in the city?

DRAKE: Like five hours ago.

NYO: You’re leaving tomorrow?

DRAKE: In a few days, after we get some drinks [Laughs].

NYO: You should stay longer.

: Yeah, I’ve got ‘til September 28th to turn this album over. I’m in the studio every single night. It’s weird days. Like, I get up at 9 PM and and work until 1 PM , so I sleep my eight hours from one to nine.

NYO: Is it like a nocturnal thing, like you work better–?

DRAKE: I have to work at night, and then I end up staying up longer in the afternoon.

NYO: It’s a shame that you have to leave, your buddy The Weeknd is going to be playing his first US show next week.

DRAKE: Actually, no he’s not, it got cancelled. It’s pushed back.

NYO: Oh really? I was going to go, I thought it was next week.

DRAKE: I think they’re rescheduling for the end of the month. I wouldn’t miss that for the world.

NYO: So do you have any more plans for the night?

DRAKE: Yeah, I’m going to go watch ASAP Rocky perform.

NYO: He wasn’t playing with Das Racist was he?

DRAKE: I don’t know, he’s playing at Santos tonight. I’m going to go watch ASAP, go to the club, get drunk [Laughs].

NYO: Do you have a favorite place you like to go to?

DRAKE: I’m not really versed in New York nightlife. I just kinda go wherever people tell me to go.

NYO: Yeah, like Avenue, or 1Oak.

DRAKE: Those are kinda like: been there, done that. I know some mainstream hip-hop shit, like Greenhouse is always cool.

NYO: There’s been much made about you wearing sweaters and cardigans. I don’t know if you read that online; people are really talking. About you, wearing cardigans.

DRAKE: Yeah I don’t know why, man. I never feel like I go that hard with it. I think it peaked the other day when I wore this Missoni sweater on the MTV awards, and you know what? I just like to be comfortable, I don’t really give a shit. All those tight leather jackets–But if I dressed any other way, they would scrutinize that too.

NYO: I guess you’re going to miss out on Fashion Week, since it’s the middle of recording.

DRAKE: I’m getting into the best possible thing though, you know? Like to be here tonight with Versace—this is the brand I support the most. I’m a big, big Versace supporter/fan/consumer. This is it. This is good enough.

NYO: Well, I’m sure wherever you go out tonight they’re’ll be tons of models.

DRAKE: Yeah, I hear there’s some coming in here.

NYO: Yeah, you can get all of Fashion Week in one night. Have you ever dated models?

DRAKE: Uh, what kind? What’s your definition of a model?

NYO: It’s obviously a broad definition. A woman…intimidatingly beautiful–

DRAKE: Yeah. And we’re just not. We’re just men, like one of three billion people.

NYO: It’s true.

DRAKE: I don’t know; models in today’s world are women that have big asses and…take pictures of chocolate sauce on their ass. [Laughs]

We soon parted Drake with a kind farewell from him; attending to the main floor to witness him eventually take his spot behind the turntables.

Over the speakers, some Lil’ Wayne songs blared over the crowd. Models with chocolate sauce on them never emerged.

nfreeman@observer.com | @nfreeman1234 A Brief Discussion with Drake, Regarding Nocturnal Schedules and Large-Derriere'd Women with Chocolate Sauce on Them