A great new use for Wonder Bread

First there was the “NunBun”—an image of Mother Teresa that appeared on a cinnamon bun in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1996. Then there was the Florida woman who bit into her cheese-on-toast, saw an image of the Virgin Mary, and auctioned the remains off on eBay. (They fetched $28,000.) Now there’s Henry Hargreaves, a New York fashion photographer who turns slices of Wonder Bread into secular icons.

Each of the photos you’ll see here is made up of dozens of pieces of burnt (or not-so-burnt) toast. Arranged just so, those pieces have turned into images of John, Paul, George, and Ringo (as they appeared in photographs on the cover of Let It Be), Che Guevara, Jim Morrison, and Marilyn Monroe. We recommend that you view the series in full-screen mode, stepping far away from it to get the full effect, then moving close enough to see the considerable effort that went into the toasting and placement of each slice.

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