AdKeeper Now Wants People to Keep Ads IRL

4th ave and 14th St., Union Square.

AdKeeper, the very well-funded New York startup from’s Scott Kurnit, aims to better the banner ad. The idea is that people will clip ads like coupons, save ads like YouTube videos to watch later, and so on, thus generating “engagement” and perhaps “ROI” and also creating jobs for the creatives from firms like Wieden + Kennedy who can be set loose to make keepable ads. But today we saw something that made us question whether we had AdKeeper all wrong: a poster ad in Union Square. For AdKeeper. With a QR code. So you can … keep it. What?

Is the startup simply advertising for its online product, so people know what to do when they see that little “k”? Or does this mean that AdKeeper is expanding to real-life ads, which people might save–tracking “engagement” and “ROI” on that billboard by number of people who navigate to the site through the QR code.

“Making your internet better one button at a time,” the ad says. It is partially covered up by a poster featuring a raccoon.

Any guesses as to how many people “kept” AdKeeper’s ad? We know of at least one! AdKeeper Now Wants People to Keep Ads IRL